Philosophy of Ministry


Word Ministry

The Gospel of grace teaches us that salvation is a free gift and can in no way be earned through good moral living. Through the teaching of this gospel we are encouraged to leave our backbreaking, substitutionary gods behind and to find our rest and security in the One who can satisfy.


Worship Ministry


Glorifying God and enjoying Him through worship is man’s highest, most significant purpose. Through Gospel-centered worship we experience the joy of responding to God’s grace, not only in public worship but in all of life.  Doing this in an intelligible and clear way challenges all of us to scrutinise our hearts, seeing how we worship things that can never be worthy of all our praise. 

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Fellowship Ministry

Since sinners are not saved by their background, tradition or world-view, but through Christ their Saviour a gospel-centred community can truly be welcoming and respectful to people from any other background, tradition or world-view.  Even the most mature believer has to admit that he or she too was saved through the free gift of grace. This creates an environment where unbelievers feel able to freely explore the claims of Christianity without fear of prejudice, self-righteous arrogance or religious bigotry.

Mercy Ministry

The Gospel is the only sustainable driving force to renew the social fabric of our city.  The Gospel promises new hearts and minds to believers, changing them so that they can humbly serve, live with and love their neighbours – no matter how diverse, how needy or how broken they are.  Furthermore, this Gospel promises an eventual restored creation – culminating in a beautiful, peaceful and eternal city.