Every Sunday we video stream the service live on our YouTube channel.

The feed normally starts by 10:45 - look for the video which has a red box saying ‘LIVE’.

When you tune in, you may sometimes see the band practising, or church members chatting together before our service starts - don’t worry! We turn the feed on early so you can get it ready in advance.

Our services have usually started formally by 11:00. You may have to watch a couple of adverts on YouTube first but then the broadcast will play afterwards.

This stream was originally intended for parents at the church, who sometimes have to attend to their children during the service. However, many church members have found it helpful when they are away for work or on holiday or when they are unable to come to church for whatever reason.

Find the live stream on our YouTube channel here. You can also catch up on the videos of our sermons on the same page, in our YouTube channel.