Giving to Canada Water Church

Why give?

"Each of you should give what you have decided in your heart to give, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver." (2 Corinthians 9:7)

Giving to the Canada Water Church enables us to continue spreading the Gospel in London, and caring for His people in Canada Water and the surrounding area. We are grateful to God that people have decided to support his work in our church. 

We have two accounts. General giving funds the ongoing activities of the church. Giving to the mercy fund helps to provide assistance to those in financial need and supports other specific mercy ministry. Usually, a regular tithe would go to the general fund, but you can also consider giving additionally to the mercy fund.

How to give

Listed below are the many different ways you can financially contribute to Canada Water Church.  If you are new to the church, please don't feel under any pressure to give. 

1. Give Online - a single gift or easy regular giving

You can now give online, securely and hassle-free. This is available for regular and once-off gifts by direct debit, or once-off gifts with your debit or credit card.

Click through the link below to give online to Canada Water Church.

2. Payroll Giving

Many employers operate a scheme that allows people to give from their pre-tax income. Giving from payroll is a great way for people passionate about giving to give regularly, wisely and tax-efficiently. Benefits include:

  • Regular donations come from your salary before tax

  • For a basic rate tax-payer every pound given only costs you 80p – even better for higher rate taxpayers because your after-tax giving remains the same. So, you can actually donate more, and pay less to do it!

  • You can use this smart scheme to give to any UK charity

  • Charities can plan their activities sustainably, knowing they’re getting regular donations

  • You are better able to keep track of your giving too

  • It is the only way that a charity can claim all the tax back for a higher rate taxpayer

  • Many employers match or contribute on top of the amount you give

Employers use various providers, including Charities Aid Foundation, Charities Trust and Stewardship. Contact your company's HR department for more information, or click here and let us know if we can help with more guidance.

3. Giving Account

If your employer does not offer giving from your payroll, then consider a specific giving account, here you can put in the amount you want to give, whatever amount or frequency, and Gift Aid is automatically claimed back on your money. It is then made available for you to give out of to whomever you choose.

Stewardship has some good options in this regard - see There is also a special 18-25 account with extra benefits, which you can read about at the bottom of the page.

4. Standing Order 

Giving through standing order allows you to give regularly and easily keep track of the money you give from your current account. If you want to give to Canada Water Church please use our bank details on the right-hand side of the page to give. In order to make your money go further, please complete a Gift Aid declaration (on the right-hand side of this page) - then we are able to claim Gift Aid back from the government and increase your giving by 25%!

5. In person at church

Giving at church is possible by putting cheques or cash into one of the Gift Aid envelopes at church and putting it into the collection box. Please fill in your details on the front of the envelope at least once so we can claim back Gift Aid on your donation.

6. 18-25 Givers

As a young church with a significant number of under-25s in the congregation, we want to encourage you to give and think about how to give most effectively. Stewardship offers a specialist account for 18-25s that gives £120 more to your giving and no admin fees for the first 2 years. Their benefits are:

  • They’ll add an extra £10 per month for the first year, just as long as you keep giving.

  • Free for the first two years – they won’t keep back anything for admin.

  • They handle the Gift Aid – if you’re paying tax, your gifts will grow by 25% as they can claim this back from the government.

  • Online access – change your giving whenever and wherever you choose.

Gift Aid

Gift Aid is the government scheme where charities can reclaim the basic rate of tax paid on your gift. This increases the value of your gift by 25% if you are a UK taxpayer. Please fill in an envelope at one of our services to allow us to claim tax back on your gifts, or fill in the form below.

Canada Water Church is registered as a UK charity (charity number 1138684) as part of City Life London (a charitable company limited by guarantee (number 07321762)).

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Gift Aid Declaration *
Please tick the applicable box. If it is a one-off donation and declaration, please tick the second box and provide the amount given in the field below.

Bank Details

Please contact for our bank details.