Church Life

Canada Water Church consists of over 50 people from many walks of life. From bankers and young professionals, to full-time mums and the retired, there is a diverse range of people. This isn't just in terms of our vocation or how we spend our time, but also our nationalities, with Brazilian, British, Bulgarian, Kiwis, Chinese, Malaysian, South African, Nigerian, American, Australian and Romanian people represented here. 

The church is lead by elders. Our full-time minister is Rev. Kruger de Kock.

We all love to spend time together. Whether it is in the place we meet (Canada Water Library) for Sunday services and Wednesday Bible Studies, or down the pub, going over for dinner or taking kids around for play dates... we love living life together, celebrating the good times and supporting one another through trouble and hardship.

God made the church to be a community, loving and caring for one another. Visit us or get in contact to get involved in our community as we seek to care for the Canada Water area.