Happy Christmas from Canada Water Church!

All of us will have to make an effort today and tomorrow to remember the true meaning of Christmas. Perhaps reflecting on the following verse will help:

John 1:5 In him was life, and the life was the light of men. The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it. This darkness is everywhere. Not just in war torn places like Syria, Afghanistan or the West Bank, but also in London, with armed policemen watching over crowds of Christmas shoppers. And not just outside of us - but for many of us in our own hearts as we might be going through personal or relational difficulty.

But the message of Christmas is that light came into the world. That God broke into our darkness. That our darkness did not overcome his light.

That is why it is a time to celebrate - the birth of Jesus was the beginning of a story which had it’s conclusion not in his death, but in his resurrection. And his life wasn’t just for him - "his life was the light of men" - his life was for everyone who put their faith in him. In fact, the final conclusion of his birth is still to be seen in the city of light he is preparing to make us.

So whether you are celebrating or mourning this Christmas - the message is the same: his light has triumphed over our darkness. His light, his life is triumphant over our darkness and our deaths. Let’s dwell on that this Christmas.

Please also remember that we won’t have a Christmas service tomorrow since the Culture Space is unavailable. And also remember that we’ll have normal Sunday service from the 27th, 10.45am.