God the Lord


The word ‘Lord’ appears more that 740 times in the New Testament of the Bible. Yet if I we had to try and define what the word means we’ll struggle. Perhaps a ‘landlord’ comes to mind or someone sitting in the ‘House of Lords’, or the famous cricket grounds called ‘Lord’s’.

But in the Bible the word ‘Lord' is packed with meaning and steeped in rich Old Testament references. In fact, it’s so crammed with meaning that the saying ‘Jesus is Lord’ could be used as the shortest confession of Christian faith. This Sunday we will look at Isaiah 43.

Then, over the course of the next two months we want to dig deeper into this topic. Moreover - we want to help you shape your Theology, or understanding of who God is along the contours of the Bible. As we get to see God as Lord, we will more fully understand who we are as his image bearers. We will see how his covenants help us to become more like Him and why his Word is powerful to change us. Towards the end of June we will look at God as a Trinity.