Boasting in Weakness - by Tom Waters

2 Corinthians 11:21-30

Do you know someone who boasts a lot? Usually when people boast they are saying how great they are, what talents they have, and so forth.

But in this passage Paul takes a very different perspective on boasting. He is writing to the Corinthian church, who have been visited by impressive sounding teachers who in fact are promoting a false gospel. Paul writes, "But whatever anyone else dares to boast of - I am speaking as a fool - I also dare to boast of that." Sure, whatever these teachers can do, he can do better; but to think that he 


 boast about them is to speak as a madman.

He then lists off his incredible set of labours and toils for the gospel, and sure enough, it is pretty impressive. Shipwrecks, betrayal, stonings, whipping and more.

But despite all this, he considers it to be crazy to think of himself as a better servant of Christ.

Instead of boasting in his achievements and sacrifices, Paul says that he will "boast of the things that show [his] weakness." Why? Because all those things he has done will not save him. He is helpless to save himself - totally weak - but that shows just how mighty Christ is to save.

Let's imitate Paul in this regard. Our weakness shows how awesome Christ is. Rather than boasting about our skills and achievements, let's boast about what Christ has done despite our failings.