CWC News 18th December

This Sunday (23rd) and the following Sunday of the 30th, there will be no evening service. With many people having left for the holidays we want to bring the morning and evening services together over that time.  Also, we won't be having a service on Christmas day - the staff at the Canada Water Library and the Albany are all away.  

Christmas Day - 6 Days To Go...

I hope you are almost all finalised in your Christmas preparations, if you're still around on Christmas Day, then let Kruger know at


It's interesting to see what Kruger pointed out on Sunday in Matthew 2. The scribes and the priests knew the sign for the Messiah, the promised ruler of Israel who would shepherd them (v.6), they knew everything very well, it all matched up to what they know, and yet they ignored the coming of Jesus into the world. Looking at everyone in our modern culture, we know the story of Jesus, the nativity with the sheep and the shepherds, the wise men and their gifts. It's all something we already know, but do we worship? The wise men did, because they didn't just have knowledge that the Messiah was over there somewhere, they went to him, they met with him and adored him. This Christmas, let's remember to not just know Jesus' story, but let's go to him and worship.

That's all from me. I wish you a great Christmas and hope it is both a fun and restful period. I'll be back with the newsletter again after the new year.

Ben Ramsden
Dogsbody, Canada Water Church