CWC News 28th November

New Sermon Series - Preparing for Christmas


After an impressive double finish by Kruger of the God's Big Story and Work of the Spirit sermon series, we are on to a new area. Preparing for Christmas, a retelling of the classic nativity story, but not in its usual warm, cosy picture as is so often imagined. We're going to flesh out what it meant when Christ entered into thr world as a poor, weak baby. Hopefully you will see the message of hope delivered on that first Christmas.

Musicians Required!

This week has seen Carl and Katie leave us. It was so fantastic having them as a part of the church, we're really going to miss them! But them leaving does leave us with quite a problem, we only have one person to lead each of the AM and the PM every week! We don't want the remaining guys to burn out, and we also want to let them enjoy time just being in the congregation learning and worshipping. Thanks so much Stuart, Helentje, Ferdinand and Steve for always being so serving to us in this way! So if anyone is musically talented and can contribute to the music at CWC, please let Chris know at We especially need people who can play piano or guitar, so please consider if you can spare the time!

Flyering Progress for Carols

Slow progress is being made on the flyers front. If you are able to take some and distribute, please grab some at a Sunday service. If you want to see what areas have been covered already, then take a look at the map of what has been covered. If you have done an area not shown on the map, then email me and I'll update it.