CWC News - 21st November

Carol Service Flyering

This Saturday we will be meeting up in the foyer of the library to distribute flyers. Stephanie has made some great ones and over the course of the morning we aim to try and invite as many people as possible by delivering these flyers to the Canada Water Area. Plus tasty brunch at Kruger's afterwards for all the wonderful helpers. Bryonie is figuring out the logistics of all of it, so if you could help out please let her know at, and, if you're unsure but end up being free on the day, then come join in the effort anyway. 9:30am this Saturday, at the library.

The Last Big Small Group!

Alas! Tonight is the last Big Small Group before Christmas. But not to worry, if you feel stuck for things to do with your Wednesday night there are a few one off events in the pipeline. First of which is the Stories of God seminar on the 12th December. We'll spend some time listening to people's testimonies of how they came to Christ, and then in groups share with others our own stories of how we have grown more and more to know Jesus. Same time as BSG, 7pm on 12th December.


Paul shows us in Ephesians 4 (passage from last Sunday) how the work of Christ is uniting the church. Christ came down onto the Earth (descended), to die the death on the cross we deserve, only to now be exalted to the highest throne (ascended), to be King of Kings and Lord of Lords, the ultimate king. Now Jesus, through his kingship, is creating a new kingdom, which is all bonded together in the unity of the Spirit. Paul calls us to this unity, because of the one God who brought us one hope through one salvation with one Spirit. Therefore we should pursue unity, and "grow up into every way into him who is the head, into Christ." (v.15)